Stallen Hanses met epoxy romp

Dear HANSE-Sailor,

Please note our remarks regarding the following topics:

Storing H370/H400 with Epoxy hulls

While the Epoxy construction offers better sailing performance, the lighter construction requires special treatment during winter storage. You are advised to be more cautious when lifting the boat and putting it on a cradle or jack stands. Please avoid any puncture pressure at all. The supports for the Jack stands or cradle must have a larger pad than normal. The minimum recommended size is 200 mm x 300 mm (8” x 12”) and should have some upholstery (not to soft) or other suitable padding.

Generally take care, while the boat is stored, that there is equal pressure on all jack stands (or all supports). It is also extremely important that the supports of the cradle do not take the whole weight of the boat; the keel needs to be supported as well using, timbers under the keel.

In case you’ve got any further question or remarks don’t hesitate to contacting us.

Best Regards,

Yvonne Schlicke                                            Karl Dehler                               

Sales Director                                                Technical Department

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